The Mt. Shasta Ski Patrol is the operational patrol for the Mt. Shasta Ski Park.  Built in 1985,  Mt. Shasta Ski Park is the newest winter resort in California and one of the newest in the entire United States. 

With approximately 60 active patrollers, the Mt. Shasta Ski Patrol is staffed with both volunteer and paid members.

The Mt. Shasta Ski Patrol is also associated with the National Ski Patrol System.  The National Ski Patrol’s local alpine patrol for the area is the Mt Shasta Patrol, officially designated as "F036 – Mt Shasta". The Mt Shasta Patrol has been serving the Mt. Shasta Ski Park since 1985. The Mt Shasta Patrol is governed by a group of officers that include a Patrol Rep, Assistant Patrol Rep and Secretary/Treasurer. This patrol is part of the Motherlode Region of the Far West Division of the National Ski Patrol System. 

Paid Patrol

This patrol is the paid division of the Mt. Shasta Ski Patrol for the Mt. Shasta Ski Park and is supervised by the Pro Patrol Director and Assistant Pro Patrol Director. With approximately 30 patrollers, members of the Paid Patrol are employees of the Ski Park. For information regarding the paid patrol, contact the Pro Patrol Director, Uschi Hill,  uschiski@gmail.com 

Volunteer Patrol 

The Volunteer Patrol is the volunteer division of the ski patrol for the Mt. Shasta Ski Park.  Volunteer Patrollers are not paid employees of the Ski Park and do not have set work schedules.  The patrollers volunteer their time to serve as patrollers.  Volunteer patrollers generally patrol on busy days which includes weekends and holidays. A majority of the members reside throughout northern California and have established careers within their respective communities. They are diverse in age, experience and professions, and are all drawn together by the love of patrolling.

With approximately 30 patrollers, the Volunteer Patrol is supervised by the Volunteer Patrol Director and Assistant Volunteer Patrol Director, who report directly to the Pro Director of the Ski Park. In addition, there are Patrol Advisers in charge of the various disciplines within the Volunteer Patrol. These disciplines include Candidate Training, Patrol Training, Legal, Outdoor Emergency Transportation, Instructor Development, Skiing, Snowboard, Outdoor Emergency Care, Awards, and Technology.   If you have any questions regarding the Volunteer Patrol, please contact:  Al Swan  al@shastaranches.com  or Tom Haistings  tomhaistings@sbcglobal.net .