Candidate Training

Mt Shasta Ski Patrol

Volunteer Patrol - Candidate Training Program

The Volunteer Patrol's candidate training program is designed to train and development the necessary skills to needed to become a basic patroller.

There are five basic requirements to qualify to enter the Candidate Training Program:

  1. Successfully complete an interview process.
  2. Successfully pass a skiing or boarding skills assessment.
  3. Possess a current CPR certification;
  4. Possess a current Outdoor Emergency Care certification or an EMT-B, Wilderness First Responder or higher certification/license. You may begin candidate training if you are currently enrolled in an approved medical course.
  5. Register with the National Ski Patrol

The Candidate Program consists of a series of disciplines on which you will be trained and evaluated. These include:

  1. Skiing/Boarding Proficiency
  2. Toboggan-Handling Proficiency
  3. Incident Site Management
  4. Hill Safety
  5. Medical & Rescue Skills
  6. OEC certification
  7. Basic Patrol Test.

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